The Band

ccCC – Singer/Guitar

It’s only Rock’n’Roll but I like it.
CC, lead singer, discovered Blues and Rock’n’Roll, it became an instant obsession. Through singing, playing guitar or hitting the drums, she expresses her passion for music.

ardenArden – Bass

Arden studied classical music in his youth, and later graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Jazz Performance from Université de Montréal. His main instrument is the piano, but with us he plays bass. Arden is the composer and bandleader of his own ensemble, creating a form of jazz inspired by world music, such as Armenian, Afro-Cuban and Middle-Eastern cultural influences. In 2011, he released the album “Vahak”, which can be found in stores and on iTunes. For more information, visit his website

andreAndré – Drums

I don’t know how I got here but I’m here now.

 samSam – Guitar

What choice did he have? Being born in the Summer of Love made Sam destined to love rock’n’roll.  While attending school, he worked multiple jobs to save up for stereo equipment, guitars & stacks of records.  He spent countless hours listening to blues & rock greats, carefully imitating the musical stylings of his heroes like Keith Richards & Jimmy Page.  As he developed his own guitar chops, his tastes expanded to include alternative bands such as The Cure.  Today Sam may make his living running his own Internet media company, but his heart still beats in 4/4 metre!

lauriesmallLaurie – Event Co-ordinator

Laurie has always encouraged Dirty Measures to keep jamming, therefore she became the event co-ordinator.


missmakMiss Mak – Creative Director

Designer/Artist, down home girl been drawing members of The Rolling Stones on the walls of the studio while being inspired by the music. Miss Mak creative director for Miss MAK designs is also the creative director of Dirty Measures.